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Taawin Ltd, has extensive experience in different fields, garnered from a strong team encompassing the fields of engineering, construction, warehouse management, real estate and trade. 

Strategy & Organization


Taawin Ltd. is well positioned in Iraq and the rest of the GCC and has a clear strategy to be the name in supply chain management. It can handle any size order big and small, with staff and engineers on the ground ready to serve your needs. 



As the world has gotten smaller, Taawin Ltd. has been at the forefront of trade into Iraq and the rest of the GCC. 



Taawin Ltd.'s network spans the globe from North America to the far ends of Asia. It can source any of your requirements, and handle quality checking whilst arranging logistics with no risk to the customer. 



Taawin Ltd. has shipped many containers and products into and through out Iraq. It will handle all your shipping needs and insure the product reaches your warehouse on time and intact. 

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