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Taawin was established in December of 2003 in Baghdad, Iraq by the Kuba Family. The founders have vast experience in the construction and trading sectors. They have maintained business contacts and ventures within Iraq for many years and have been positioning themselves over the twenty years to be a leading player in postwar Iraq by acquiring a substantial network of assets. As a result, Tawwin has a long term vision for business in Iraq. Taawin has particular insight and experience in the economics and management of commercial enterprises within Iraq.


Taawin Ltd is dedicated to providing products that combine quality and performance with value pricing. Taawin wishes to establish a successful partnership with its customers, its employees, and its suppliers that respect the interests and goals of each party. 


Constantly striving to supply what the consumer is asking for, Taawin will continually review what is available in the marketplace, and what is not. 


Success will ultimately be measured by the customers choice of selecting Taawin because of their belief in Taawin's ability to meet or exceed their expectations of price, service, and selection.

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